Cubric Design

Interactive Toy Design

for visually impaired children

Enjoyable and provides a play platform "Cubric"

The purpose of this research is to design an interactive toy that is enjoyable and provides a play platform for visually impaired children and non visually impaired children between the ages of 2 to 4 while their tactile development. It incorporates music and uses different kind of fabric to help the development of their sense of touch, muscle and balancing all at the same time.

The dark environment of the game integrates visually impaired kids with non visually impaired children. It is a friendly and welcoming approach for both children to play together in a safe environment. The interactive toy could be good for social integration and mutual understanding. It will enhance life of the visually impaired children.

Cubric Benefits

- The entrance of Cubric is made with a soft and cushiony material to prevent them from getting hurt.

- More than one Cubric can be put together. This represents society and unity of people. The children can move from one Cubric to another.

- Cubric's balls are each made of different textile, scent and music.

- There is a space on top of Cubric acting as a shelf for children to place other toys.

I am considering the use of glass so parents can see their child from the outside.

- The inside of Cubric is dark. An equal environment is given to both sighted and visually impaired children by providing no light.

If the sighted children are too afraid to go inside, there will be dimmed LED light in a shape of star on the ceiling.